The Future Now: Are you happy yet?

My readings in old Germanic and Norse lore have revealed to me a peculiar concept of time. It diverges greatly from the Greek/Roman system that the Western world thinks in today. How so? There is no future.

Instead of thinking in Past, Present, Future (as personified by the Fates), Germanic thought breaks down time into Past, Present, and Future-Present, with the Present being the most critical moment of all. The future is predictable yet unknown because it doesn’t exist yet and never truly will. Rather, it will be a different moment of presence — thus “future-present.”

The predictability of the future-present ties directly into Fate or Wyrd, a force woven and embodied by the Norns. It’s easy to divine the future-present: whatever you’re doing now will directly affect and lead to whatever is about to come. The action-reaction principle is key to understanding what is about to manifest and become the present reality. For example, if you are spinning a web of lies and continue to do so, that web will eventually grow to an unsustainable size and collapse in the future-present. Your “future” will contain the misery of that fallout. Guaranteed or your money back.

The Norns

The Norns

Now don’t take this as a way to explain away life and don’t forget the existence of chaos. Out of chaos all things originally came and we ride the waves of this chaos as our everyday life — the rippling force of creation keeps all things fresh and in a state of constant flux. Do consider the practicality of the future moment, however.  Your fate and the outcome of many of your actions and choices are predictable. Your actions now will tell you what will happen in the next present, the present to be, the future-present. If you dislike what you see, remember that boldness is what the Germanic heroes are known for — like them you can decide not to defy your future but to change it before it manifests by changing your actions, now.

So are you happy yet? If you’re in a suffocating situation, a place of misery, a stagnant state, a world of general melancholy, there is a way out. If you keep on your current path it is likely your future-present will be similar to your present. I decided not to dilly-dally in my writing and finally make a stand, even if it starts with this post. When you take a chance anything is possible.

Stick out your neck, walk that plank, be unafraid of hunger or homelessness. Let the Universe take you in and with every breath, screaming, accept the beautiful gift of life and presence. You can only live now.


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