Experimental arts – you’re the cast!

I’ve been working through some ideas for my Etsy store lately. Two friends of mine run a shop and sell their art to great success. I’ve had a few nice pieces lying around that I’d love to send to some deserving person. If I can make a few bucks from it to supplement by income (or lack thereof) and get the chance to hone my craft all day, why not? My lazy blogging acts as my writing outlet so I can sustain my relative sanity between projects, so this sounds like a good visual outlet.

Now, to the sweets. I have a few prints that I’m willing to sell (and get re-sized, re-printed, re-edited) based on a customer’s desire. However, I need more than just a few. I’ve got a head full of ideas and it’s driving me insane. So, dear readers, help me get those ideas out. Here’s the plan:

I’m going to open to a “blank page” and put whatever my readers want on it. You get to take the steering wheel of my artistic mind. Choose a form, choose a style. Painting? Collage? Something else? If I’m capable of it, I’ll do it, and the driving force will be my interpretation of your ideas. In the end it’ll still be through a dense, cloudy filter of mine, but I believe that to be the fun of it — ideas melding together and passing through this crazy mind of mine, being spit out on the other end as a masterpiece. We can hope. 

In the comment section below post any criteria or ideas you might have. Subjects, objects, backgrounds, foregrounds, colors. Anything. I’ll stir it all into a great big cauldron and the result will be something beautiful. If it happens to be nice enough I might even do something special with it. This is an experiment in art. Help me and we could really get something going.

I hope to hear from my frequent readers and new browsers and skimmers alike!

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