Detoxing Down with the Ship?

I’ve been absent for a few days during a move across the state. Now I’m stranded in the disconnected world,the shadowy place off the grid. Connections cut. Digital severance. Oh, all of those words are a bit too harsh; I can walk down the street two minutes and be here at a free 24/7 computer with high-speed web. And I’ve got electricity, mind you. But no longer are the days of opening the laptop screen in eager anticipation for the instantaneous, roaring blast into cyberspace.

Well, it isn’t all that bad. On this topic, I might as well share an exciting idea promoted by a favorite magazine of mine. Digital Detox Week. It’s passed, but it’s a yearly thing. Here’s an explanation from AdBusters:

Turn off that glaring thing!

Did you just have to click on a link? What is it about our technology that is so addictive? As much as we hate to admit it, we are hooked on the digital world. Whether it is texting, gaming, downloading or emailing, so much of our time is spent in the virtual realm.

Luckily, the off button is easy to find. Take a week to cut back on digital stimulation as much as you can. The goal is not to dwell on the pitfalls of our electronic devices but to reflect on ourselves. And who knows, if the magic begins to creep back into your life, the digital detox may never end.

The off button actually isn’t that easy to find on some new, complex smart-phones; I’ve seen people wrangling to turn one off. But point taken, AdBusters. I’m interested in this magic — are you? Perhaps I’ll slowly turn off the rest of my digital, internet/web-loving devices and try it out. The mind I lost years ago to the great pulsing network may just return. For more information, check out the official page of Digital Detox:

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Detoxing Down with the Ship?

  1. Just one little thing… if you do the Digital Detox thing, you won’t be posting anymore. Not a big fan of that idea, to be honest.

    But yes, it would be interesting to see what would happen if I cut myself off from the online world. and greatly cut down on my smartphoning. I wonder what would happen. I wonder if people would panic and think I was dead. Probably. Keep writing!

  2. It’s true, I couldn’t post if I was going to detox. Though I am a bit slow to begin with. At this point there’s no way I could not use the computer/internet because I am becoming more and more reliant on it at the same time (and partially because) everyone else is. Don’t worry, I’ll stay!

    And yes, if you vanish completely from the internet, people immediately think the worse. Yet they often don’t contact you through other, more practical means. Everyone assumed something bad happened when I got rid of Facebook, yet so few even took the initiative to ask about it and check to see if I was OK.

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