Afflicted, Rumblin’, Tumblin’: Let’s do the astral plane!

I’m sick! No, it’s not a fever — it’s a tumblr account! By default I can’t be too serious there (hell, should I ever be serious?), but I’m hooked on the postmodern spectacle of it all — the stream of consciousness through images and itty-bitty captions of text. Here is a link to my corner of the madness, a blog I’d like to somehow wire to this one so that they’d operate in unison. But I’ve got no clue if that’s possible. It’s making me hyperactive and breathless, whirling all over the place with my weird fetishes (oh, not sexual ones).

BLACK FEATHER ASYLUM: Waking Dreams, Cigarettes, and Half a Can of Coffee
(psst, click the raven to check it out)

On a second note, there’s a new musical bug in my ear that I just can’t get out. I’m digging a young, experimental, down tempo drum-and-bass artist named Flying Lotus, and I’m doin’ the astral plane over and over again. I just can’t help myself. Sitting in a quiet room, the lights low, with my surround-sound or my studio headphones on becomes sublime, transcendental. Now I’m sounding like a stifled avant-critic. I could use a hundred honeyed words but the only way to understand his music is to listen to it. So here you go, feed that curiosity! I’ll amp up your ears. Tumble around and do the astral plane with that zodiac shit of yours!

I’ll be keeping up with this place and flooding it full of music, poetry, and every type of art I can wrap my soul around. In the meantime, my account is a fairly good musical guide to anybody interested in popular (and not-so-popular) folk music and off-the-wall electronica.


One thought on “Afflicted, Rumblin’, Tumblin’: Let’s do the astral plane!

  1. One: I believe that you can link your Tumblr account to this one, maybe it’s under “Widgets”, can’t remember, but if you go through the links on your dashboard you should be able to, I’ve seen people’s Tumblr updates on their blogs here before.

    Two: Wondrously groovy music. Can’t help but bob up and down in my chair a bit 🙂

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