“In Our Blood,” March Sketches (#3)

-For the fenland

Saltwater cabin deep in the marsh
the smell of earth and sulfur lingering
tire tracks rip patterns in the soft grass
mud like clay seeps between your fingers.

Here we love, here we drink —
under kerosene and paper light
we enjoy the transient simplicity
of bread and wine, you and I.
A black and white movie reminds us:
our aimless wandering towards the sea
is a serendipitous glimpse of destiny.


2 thoughts on ““In Our Blood,” March Sketches (#3)

  1. Ooo I like this one. A little more reserved and unified, and so atmospheric. Also the line, “of bread and wine, you and I” has a neat sort of almost-symmetry that works really well.

  2. Thanks for the read Mo, I really appreciate it! I found myself falling most in love with the atmosphere of the poem as I wrote it — the cabin in question was more than charming. I suppose I wasn’t quite comfortable enough with myself to fully divulge the contents of my exploration, but that’s a story best left to the imagination. Nice to hear from you.

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