Runa, February Sketches #3

Woodwaxen, greenweed,
dyer’s broom — rub buttercups
on a child’s hand.

Bane of dry branches,
gold glistening in the sky,
lifeblood of the hearth.

Alone on the shore,
Ash embraces Elm, two trees,
the root moves inside.

The talk of the old,
cunning muttering, magic
words, elder wisdom.


One thought on “Runa, February Sketches #3

  1. Of course I like these haikus 🙂 I kind of have to, what with the theme! But I especially love the 1st and 3rd, the choice of word and pacing just does that thing to my brain that haikus, when written properly, are supposed to do; turns it inside out a bit, gives me a vivid flash of the short scene and leaves me feeling a little refreshed.

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