The Terminal Frequency


This winter marks my second year as a DJ for WUMF 91.5 FM. Last week we held elections and I was voted into the seat of the Hip-Hop/RPM director, my duties comprising of getting in contact with producers to get ahold of some new, rising hip hop, electronic or dubstep music that we can feature on our station. Because my father worked as a professional DJ, I’ve been exposed to electronic and synthesized music since the early 1990’s when I would run around and lay on the sofa listening to my dad blast the beautiful symphonies synthesized by Tomita. I’m hoping this experience will help me get some dynamic new music onto our station. The more our DJs play and like our music and the more we work with the bands the higher we can get on the college radio charts.

This year I DJ a show called “The Terminal Frequency” at midnight on Fridays until 2AM EST Saturday morning. Talking on the air and putting your favorite music in the queue isn’t nerve wracking whatsoever. In fact, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, especially late at night when everyone is out partying our coming through the student union (where the studio is located). I usually invite special guests into the studio to mix up the show and by 1AM it’s frequently a dance party. Since I play almost strictly electronic music mixed up with some 80’s-90’s hip hop and a little bit of indie, my new job is cut out for me.

I don’t know where this college DJ career is taking me. For now it’s purely for the love of music, dancing, and the novelty/mythos of FM Radio, an overlooked but extremely important aspect of our culture.  Perhaps I’ll follow my father and get into the more serious DJ business later in life, but right now I’m having a blast.

So now it’s time to plug for my show! You can tune into WUMF 91.5 if you live in Western Maine/Franklin County and perhaps as far as Livermore Falls and Manchester. If you’re not in Maine, you can tune into WUMF anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. I maintain our live 24/7 streaming server. If you like what you hear, tell your friends! The Terminal Frequency is on Friday at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) but you can find some awesome shows just about any hour of the day. Check out the links below. If you want to learn more or if you want me to play stuff on our radio station, just comment on this post.

WUMF 91.5 – U. Maine Farmington

Listen Live!


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