Bill McKibben Arrested

It is not in my style to link to other blogs nor cover any major news stories. I leave that for other forums and means of discussion. However, famous author and environmental activist Bill McKibben has been arrested for sit-in activity outside of the White House here in “good ‘ole states”. I find this utterly unacceptable. For protesting the construction of an international tar sand pipeline, McKibben and nearly 70 others have found themselves jailed. This must be brought to the attention of the public.

If unaware, McKibben is one of the spear-headers of the environmental movement that began two years ago. I participated in the first global day and ran a booth at a conservation fair. Not long afterwards, before a planned rally speech, I personally met Bill McKibben in a private dinner we had with two dozen or so people in my town. Bill is an inspirational and incredible man. I encourage everyone to not only read his literature, but to find out about as well as the growing issue with tar sands. For more information about his arrest, here is a link to a green blog:

What is our country coming to? I’ll let you decide.


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