Self-Loathing Consumers

The United States as a whole does not have a culture that can merely be defined by geography, religion, climate, or any other measure of culture that may be used to study society elsewhere. In place of this, an overarching inexorable drive like that of a well-oiled machine working at high-speed defines people. You may live in a specific geographic region in the United States, but a quality common among all regions is the need to produce. Income follows production, and the idea of progress manifests. Capitalism embodies this.

It is easy to use a few -isms and sound knowledgeable about the current state of society; instead of doing that, I would like to point out an observation that I made. Whatever career or job you have — be it an artist, carpenter, salesman, office worker, anything — the need for progress is crucial. Even the unemployed can be compelled. It doesn’t have to manifest in the form of a strong work ethic, but can be seen in how you shop, what sort of material things you have, any in many other outlets. Think deeply about each action that you do repeatedly and often, and ask yourself not only what your are doing it for, but what need it fulfills.


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