Wyrd, Ørlög, Serendipity

As described in the book Our Troth, Ørlög is:

The “Ur-Law”, is the root of being: it is the first layer of Wyrd which shapes all that follows. To be “without ørlög” is not to exist in any meaningful way; in Völuspá, the phrase is used of the logs on the beach before Óðinn, Hoenir, and Lóðurr make them into human beings. Ørlög is that which determines how all of life shall be shaped, from beginning to end: it is the that-which-is, the wyrd of the individual. (Our Troth, p.506)

Think of this simple meditation.

Irony and coincidence can lead to greater learning, or simple explanation. Each day I am given a chance to change my present and my future-present life. I use these chances to direct my life and take the wheel of destiny. I am my soul and my soul is me — may my spirit guide me through fear towards serendipity.


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