10 Days Later

I have now gone without Facebook for 10 days. The withdrawals have begun to subside — no longer am I absentmindedly moving my mouse to find Facebook or clicking my web browser to do a quick check-up.

I find it so peaceful away from the madness — the swift madness of posting statuses and sucking in a newsfeed of what is going on in everyone’s lives — and don’t think I’ll go back. Regardless of those good feelings, though, I’ve even dreamed about Facebook at night time and getting my account back. Oh the horror.

My current explorations and curious questions are on the topic of romance and finding mates over social networking websites. Am I now at a loss for rebelling against the system and thus denying myself the voyeuristic stage that Facebook can be?


One thought on “10 Days Later

  1. Yes. Yes you are. Without a FB account I can’t direct the readymade harems I bought from Saudi Arabia to you easily, it is most disquieting to them to have no way to contact you. They want you, very very badly, Tyler. Unfortunately I have no pictures of you, no long years of profile comments and quiz results to show them, and you will never, as a consequence get to enjoy them.

    You miss nothing of consequence by not having a Facebook. You made an admirable and useful decision. Unfortunately I’ll have to send the Harem to Jake now… Oh well.

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