Facebook Suicide: Day Five

I considered posting a long philosophical argument about the vice that is Facebook, but decided against it out of practicality. This is my fifth day since I deactivated my account, and already I have had pressure to join the network again — the hive mind, so to speak. While I am not physically isolated from my family and friends, being isolated online in that way has never felt so good.

I contacted the friends who I thought most needed to know that in order to contact me, that must try and find me when I am rarely on a chat program, call my telephone, send snail mail, or just track me down physically, in person. This has worked insomuch as I am the one who seems to be doing the calling. I have heard about plans made on Facebook that I was completely unaware of — even though they were about me —  until being told in person at undesirable times.

I am concluding, at least on day five, that it is pathetic how much I and others that I know rely on social networking websites. I cannot speak for the populous, but even for the small group of individuals that I associate with regularly, I feel more left out now that I am gone from Facebook.

I find myself doing habituated movements and thought patterns, moving my mouse towards the web browser and of what I need to check up on. Without Facebook as that constant gnawing sensation, I find something better to do. It’s really that simple.

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