A Jump In the Right Direction

Earlier tonight I had the opportunity to spent a long time creating music with friends, tapping into my creative side — something that’s very satisfying. Afterwards, as the night went on, I was given the opportunity to go with some different friends and partake in other activities, unmentionable here, that may be more questionable and less healthy for the mind, body and soul. An herbal experience to say the least.

Being the logical guy that I am, I considered this option long and hard. I am always the type that is constantly learning; even if I subject myself to highly dangerous situations, it is to learn from these situations and thus become stronger. I suppose that meets eye to eye with existentialist thinking, but also much of what I feel the god Odin embodies, a patron deity of mine.

I had trouble figuring out whether I should go into this experience or not, so when I couldn’t decide (it takes me long enough which type of root beer to buy, let alone a mind-altering choice like this) I consulted the Runes. I am a caster using the Elder Futhark, and have been studying both divination and rune magic for about seven years now, give or take a few months. The experiences I’ve had have been profound to say the least. It was a rare occasion tonight, however, that I would cast the runes and then ignore their response.

They advised me strongly to simply stay home and go to bed. When I defied them, and sought wisdom for the night, I was given a slap in the face. In what seems like an event beyond anything naturally physical, a rune literally jumped out of the bag and hurled itself against a nearby wooden box. I watched this effect in awe. There is no way my idle hand could have somehow jostled the rune very much, especially not in a way that would send it hurdling out of the bag and into my face. Thus, it was a jump in the right direction. I listened to its advice, and went anyway.

Lo and behold, the night did not work out and I gained as much as I would have going to sleep. I am glad that this was the case, and that it took defiance to prove to me once again that there are supernatural things in our world, and the Runes are one of them.


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