I pull out two quartz crystals from a decorated wooden box. They smell like the pine and white sage they have been resting in. I roll them around in the same hand. Even though they are about the same size, there is something strangely different about them. Yes, the one on the right feels warmer, heavier in some strange way superseding the physical.

I set down both of the stones, then pick up the strangely warm one in my hand again. There is a dark radiance within. Clutching it tightly with my right hand, I flex my muscles and apply a great deal of pressure to it. Although it is natural for my muscles to get tired once they have done work, something is different now. The more I press, the weaker my arm becomes, as if it is going numb and I am losing blood, losing my very strength.

The vibrations that permeate from this stone are more than dark and mysterious. The unfriendly character of it bodes badly. Something must be done.

A sacred bowl is found and filled with water; rock salt is cast into the water, rippling as it sinks. The stone leaves my hand and is thrown into this water, surrounded by lavender, to be purified and sanctified, in order to banish what lies beneath its glassy, gorgeous surface and exists in the airless world within the stone. It screams. I watch as it sinks and sits among the salt, its energy nullified, utterly. Only a weeks time can cure these ailments.


One thought on “Metaphysical

  1. In a word, murder. The least you could have done was study it, learn something of it, perhaps why it came to reside with your crystal. Instead you drowned it in symbolic blood tinged with will. This is perhaps the greatest difference between us… You follow a set of rules, old, wise, and dreadfully boring, whereas I much prefer allowing the parts of nature your path seeks to conquer to flourish, as equally as the parts of nature you worship. Humanity is no fit judge of rightness or wrongness, not even when looking through a god’s lens.

    That said your procedure’s largest hole was at the beginning, pine isn’t a very good seal, among woods. Cedar tends to work very well, but Pine (either due to the processing or its natural ambiguity) doesn’t keep much of anything out. Also, if you had Runed the box properly you would not have had problems with intrusion.

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