The Mind Revealing Itself To Itself

My trip away from the grind and groginess of daily life in the modern world has many desireable aspects. First and foremost, I am able to do just about anything I want — provided it does not involve driving, illegal activities, large expenditures of money or similar unreasonable things. Yet with free time comes perhaps more responsibility than with the necessary duties of life as an adult.

I often jest of losing my sanity during the intense months of the semester, most recently the struggle of finals week. Time to myself, recreational activities and affection generally keep me stable. Now, as I near the end of my break between semesters, I find myself more stressed out than during the most difficult parts of my college life.

Once I stepped through the door to my house and realized that I had over a month to do whatever I wanted, I immediately became sedated. It is untrue to say that getting large amounts of sleep and relaxation time are not beneficial to my overall health; especially as an epileptic, I’ll take what I can get! Beyond that, though, I get sucked into mind-numbing activities, most recently my old love of video games.

I sit around for many hours at a time, so long that when I move or get up to do something else not only is my posture stuck in a crooked, stooped way, pain springs up around my body and my bones creak. I know I have sat far too long somewhere when I feel older than an old man for the first minute or two of walking around. Worse, each day I can feel my muscles atrophy more. Where once I had rock-hard calves and powerful thighs, I now see muscles shrunken with disuse. As a hiker and somewhat pragmatic guy, there are surely some problems afoot. No pun intended.

So now, after wasting away like a wizened plant for a month (and probably exaggerating my case a little bit, as writers’ do) I’m grappling for answers, attempting to find a solution to a self-created problem. I’ll tell you how I do.

Until next time…


p.s. check back regularly and look for a new series I will be writing on food, culture, and advertising. First up on the chopping block: Lay’s “Natural” Potato Chips. I’ll seek out where our food comes from and put companys’ claims to the test of my analytical eye.


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