Lapse Into Soul

The sun sets on
the silence of
another evening.

I see fingers of light
mingle through the
trees, I feel wind
freeze my beard.

The billowing
glow of stoves
and wood smoke
drifts on the breeze.

The moon peeks
through the wavering
clouds, cold, diffused.

People walk before
and behind me on
their way through
insubstantial space.

I stand in the middle
of space, now, the torrent
of blustery existence,
smiling for just a
moment at all the
world now around me,
harmony in complexity,
curiosity in simplicity.

Then, I am gone.



2 thoughts on “Lapse Into Soul

  1. “Curiosity in simplicity” : what an adept line. The poem itself is curious about simplicity. At the same time, we don’t usually associate the two ideas, which makes it fresh.
    I’m glad to have found your site, here; I was interested in what you’ve been up to with your writing.

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