Watch and Listen

Television. A droning dialog,
a strobe of meaningless images,
a voice in the dark,
an intruder,
a trickster.

Reality becomes insubstantial.
Wavering lines on the screen
pulse to my heartbeat; we are one.
Three hundred channels of
amorphous light and sound
are brought to me by the
air waves.

I am learning every skill. My curiosities
are being answered. I live vicariously
through the bastards on the screen,
appreciate them as my own family. I
cry their virtual tears, rejoice in
their satisfactions — more important
than my own.

A conglomerate of truth, lies,
and imaginings. A narrow representation
of the world through the eyes of

I am omniscient.
A million networked feeds woven
into the the next dimension.
A hundred-thousands viewers
all feeding on the same illusion.
A Russian woman who watches soaps
after work. A concerned American
mother who watches the tides of war.
An Iraqi restaurant owner, a militant
in Somalia, a cold old man in Alaska.
They are united through the
nexus of infinity.
I see them all.


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