Day Shift

I forgot to consider today,
today, and was left thinking about
tomorrow, yesterday,
or ten thousand tomorrows
yet to transpire.

It’s easy to forget about time
during a hot shower or in the
impatient moments waiting in
bed for my body to fall asleep
and look dead for a little while.

I think about the future too often then
and about the person I am going
to be on this cusp of becoming.
But they are thoughts of inanity;
Why imagine the goodness yet to come
when I am living in a goodness presently?
My dreams are merely my existential Aspirin
until I breathe them, seethe with them,
make them my heartbeats,
make them my own.

A man pushed his lucky penny across the table one
day and assured me that only three moments
my life mattered. My birth, my death, and the
moment that is utterly, precisely now.
I took an urgent breath, then
he snatched his penny back.



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