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“A new world,
material without being real,
where poor ghosts,
breathing dreams like air,
drifted fortuitously about. . .
like that ashen, fantastic figure
gliding toward him
through the amorphous trees.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, p. 162, The Great Gatsby

“A colorless place lacking any scents, sights or sounds…

but within this lower silence where serenity is found.”

-from Deliverance, an old poem of mine.

Mixing up from my wave of poetry, the past week I worked at various times in a digital collage project. The possibilities with collage are completely endless, photo montage being only one of the many styles. This digital collage above is called “Posterior” and is an assemblage of many photos I have found through searching the internet. I would like to thank photographer Rune Molnes, whose watermark was covered up by pictures, for taking that incredible picture of the ocean. I take no credit for any of the images and photos here, only their assembly and editing. Enjoy and do not be afraid to gaze deeper than you ever have before.


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