She sat across the clean, white table,
spoke only with her quiet tones.
Her gaze wandered to his own,
watchful like the Tyrian huntress.

She was gathered in conversation
among strangers and smiles,
and gathered her resolve, just
close enough to hear his words.

The yearning moments galloped on.
She leaned so close behind him.
He spoke only with his eyes,
like the phantoms so near to her
in her dearest dreams.
He turned his head and
witnessed her with a crow’s compelling gaze.
She scribbled away at her notes,

She sat a bit behind his family at lunch
and wondered if he could spot her this near.
He went for black coffee
and she wished for a moment shared between them,
with delicate sips, sighs, and laughter.

A day transpired into the winterly aether.
Together in a group of youths
swept into a deluge of adulthood,
he stood beside her beneath the eaves
of university, and smiled into the breeze.
Not a word was spoken. For that sunset alone,
an eddy swirled them side by side;
forces beyond the watch of nature wrapped them
together in the temporary tether of a fleeting moment,
where the huntress could wander dangerously through
her dreams and desires, unsure and unsatisfied,
and wonder about her friend becoming
distant then departed.

Under the sinking sun shouting crows
hung over the aging brick buildings and reaching red oaks.

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