Crows, gathering black
Among naked birch,
Croaking conversational politics,
Telling me to stay awhile,
Witness their down-to-earth
Deliberations that make
Democracy a far cry from
Problem solving or equality.
Wind on their wings and
The shadow of feathers up high,
Swirling and playing and free to
Die where they want to,
And fly where their hearts compel them,
To dine on the roadside, Mother Nature’s
Bon vivants, and to gaze through
Smooth black eyes that witness the
Motions and notions of below,
And grin to me every day.

One thought on “Crows

  1. The alliteration here is lovely. Did you mean to repeat “black” in lines 1 and 16? Not to be picky. 🙂 Was just always told that repeated three times is deliberate, repeated twice *may* have been overlooked.

    Randomly browsing “poetry” tagged posts! Thanks. 🙂

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